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Almost all the gathers that I know ran high teir laborers. I don't think they want to gather much anymore.

Basically just to recap the gather Albion Online Silver . Gathers who gathered before Dec 16th spent 5x more time gathering only to get to a place where they were almost tied by people who gathered 1/4 of that after patches boost. Leading alot of gathers to stop gathering. Because so many people used to roaming around pve getting 250K fame or so an hour on mobs with full xp post Dec 16th patch got made because for them the gains were about 4X slower. Many of those type weapon / armor fame farmers changed to gathering.

As the new breed of gather slowly got bored and more people left the game the gathers went back to doing what they did many of which finally learned what they were missing out not filling up books. They started gathering even more just to fill the books.

Now with the changes not many people will gather the buy Albion Online Gold
. The risk doing it versus time and reward are silly. IMO now that you can get fame for up to T6 on T4 mobs the new thing to make money will be solo'n green t4 dung and buying up all the mats T4-7 mats before they super sky rocket. Since the mobs are stupid easy and will be totally full on gold. It might be harder to do this for the next few day - week. But it usually only takes about 3-5 days before the massive group of people that only play after patches to lose interest and the server population to drop back down to the norm.
As a new Guild we are heavily focused on recruiting active and dedicated members of all trades. Fighters, Builders, Farmers, Crafters, Gatherers and Refiners.
If you are active and looking for a productive and strategically focused guild that works with you instead of you working for it, we hope you will call RudeHouse your new family. Now is the best time to apply.
My introduction to the MMO world began when a bunch of middle-school friends introduced me to RuneScape in 2005. It wasn't until I discovered the clanning community byCheap Albion Online Gold that I really got into the game and came to appreciate the vast communities within MMOs. Being new to the game, my first few years of clanning was focused on PvE activities to help me get better and simply learn the game. As I matured as a gamer and teenager, I eventually found PvE alone to be lacking and grew estranged from the only clan I had known; the leadership and member base resembling nothing of the original clan I joined. Deciding to shift focus towards PvP instead, I discovered an entirely new, competitive clanning world. Over the next few years, my allegiance lay with various clans, as some died and I grew apart from others, but I finally found my home in 2009 when I joined Echo of Silence. We were a clan on the rise, fighting other clans 3 versus 1, no problem. Our leadership was tactically brilliant, ruthless in the face of enemies, dedicated to our cause and they knew how to make war fun. Flash forward to today, and I am still proud to call Echo of Silence my home. We hit ups and downs along the road, experiencing everything from the glory of being the #1 clan with 130 active members to the lows of closing (and reopening, only to again close) the RuneScape clan's doors. Through it all, one thing became obvious: Echo of Silence was NOT simply a RuneScape clan. We transcended the boundaries of the Albion Online Silver and of our native countries, unifying as brothers across the world to form the core base of a true gaming community. While we still play dozens of games when we feel the itch, Echo of Silence has now moved on to eagerly join the plethora of competitive guilds vying for power in Albion Online. Will you join the 10 years and counting legacy that is Echo of Silence?"
Fame for healers is pretty bad. 0 capability of solo farming as a healer and because the fame is equally split between your party it is going to take 2x or 3x longer than a dps character. I want to play healer but I can't see myself being in a party everyday I am online wanting to farm. Especially since I would need to put in twice or three times the hours that dps characters that can solo mobs will do.
Possible fix would be to give equal fame to someone using a healing staff of buy Albion Online Gold
, for example a solo player gets 100 fame per T6 mob in red zones currently (premium bonus included) and now a player using a holy staff or nature staff joins him and they both receive 100 fame per mob instead of 50 like they would if it was 2 dps characters. And if another third member joins then give each player 50 instead of 100.
This is the only way I can see healers reaching anywhere near T8.6 with the new fame system. Also the gathering/crafting/refining progress needs slowed too if you plan on making this work. Currently I can get up to T6 tool for any resource within 3-6 hours of gathering.
Another thing that would need slowed is the respawn rate of resources. If you truly want a player driven economy for 8 tiers of resources, weapons, armour and so on. I can see prices for resources being nothing by the time people reach higher tier gear late into release. Basically if you are going to slow the combat progression this much then you need to slow the rest of the game equally as much and find a good balance otherwise the market will be bad and people will quit early on.
My arguement isn't that it shouldn't take time to reach top tier, it's how long. The longer it takes to go down one tier, the more those who have infinite time will create power gaps by Albion Online Silver . It rewards those who have more time not those that are simply better. Its an anti-skill incentive system. Keep in mind that leveling up .1 .2 and .3 will increase the power level of whichever line you choose for weapons. Meaning they can continue to pull further and further ahead of normal persons. There will be 4 guilds owning every territory in the game. Killing the guild experience.
Please make i180 DoH Gear Dyable

This is really starting to irk me. The whole Red Scrip+Specialization system was supposed to allow people to focus on 1-3 crafts, but there are so many ffxiv gil systems in place now that encourage omnicrafting (more than there were in ARR, really).

If a player levels a DoL class to 60, all they need is that class to reasonably acquire their dyable AF set. It takes time both because of weekly scrip caps and the gathering process.

If a player levels a single DoH class to 60, they have no reasonable way to acquire their dyable AF set. To do so effectively, they have to level several other classes to 60 since the mats aren't readily available (being locked behind Red Scrips as they are). Not to mention they have to use millions worth of mats to make the items, plus spend significant amounts pentamelding the i150 gear to meet the 2-star caps so they can craft them (unless they want to spend tokens to buy the 180 set first and then make the 170 versions for glamour). Then, once they have the dyable gear, they have to spend even more on pentamelds, which is yet another barrier.

There's no real reason the i180 versions shouldn't be dyable. The i170 versions already have the advantage of costing fewer Tokens, allowing them to be acquired more quickly, and the ability to be better than uffxiv their i180 counterparts.
First, the main thing I want is to sort by current class and base stat (ie. I want to see all gear my current class will probably be interested in using).

Second, a "best gear set" toggle could make FFXIV Gil a list of everything on my person and in retainers to give my current class BiS I currently own (would be nice but not as useful as better sorting).

Third, get away from the icon inventories. Give me a list with columns. I can click on columns to add sorting, click multiple columns to sort multiple values (shift-click to add secondary sorting) ie. first sort = class, second sort = iLevel, third sort = stat so all class items would be together. Then, for each class, everything is sorted by level and then by main stat. Or, add a settings window that would allow me to add cascading ascending/descending conditions.

The command line sorting is black magic; it's ridiculous. Hell, just add sorting by class and main stat and I'd probably be happy tbh...

We're not going to get command line sorting or any kind of serious list sorting so this is the best we could hope for.

Agreed, though. On the market boards, I can sort by "ID, quantity, etc" including a bazillion stats there's no reason to sort by. Let's nuke that fairly useless function and add in the ability to sort our personal inventories by UFFXIV item level or class, not just ID or item type. Same thing with the retainer inventories. Manually sorting my closet retainer by equipable item level is a PAIN IN THE BUTT.