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The reason I ask you to defend multi accounts and multi boxing is because they are radically different. I support multi account I do not support multi boxing.

I voted preferably No. I don't think that players should be able to play multiple characters at the same time but I also know that stopping something like this is extremely hard and as you outlined could possibly cause a lot of false positives and issues. I am also one of those folks considering getting my Albion Online Gold wife and possibly even my son into the game after release, so I would definitely be interested in a way for multiple people being able to login from the same IP. However boxing multiple characters shouldn't be allowed if possible.

As it stands now, One may not have 2 accounts. However, this game is available cross-platform and due to its portability, you cannot dismiss the fact that multiple players could be playing from the same connection, especially public connections or connections at work. It is a mistake to make the game portable, and then say that if you detect more than one account from the same connection, then they get banned. There are many public sources people use these days.

So while I would vote no, users may only be logged into one character at a time. The fact remains that to be fair with your system, you would have to change your rules and by default that would also give users the ability to login with multiple accounts. It's a precarious issue, invented as a result of AO being so Albion Gold Mall portable. You could simply say "play from home" but then that sort of defeats the portability aspect of the game. As it stands now, I have decided against promoting this game to people I work with, simply because I don't want to get banned when I and an office-mate happen to login during lunch.

Personally I don't mind the current PVP system. Only gripe i really have against it that flagging takes so long. It would be cool if they lowered it by about 10 to 15%. I think most complaining about the PVP system were just gatherers that don't know how to play likes this. I am disappointed they are thinking about going to a UO style criminal system. All that system does is discourage PVP even more. Also Albion Online Silver
people PKing gatherer's gave PVP a role in the economy. With a harsher criminal system it almost completely negates this.

I just bought a Founder's Pack to check out this amazing game and also to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing, however long it takes. Listen to the community, but keep YOUR vision! Too many games go sideways because devs try to implement changes to keep the masses happy. Remember the reasons why you started making this game and stick to your goals! If you need a template that will work and draw in vet gamers like me who have waited DECADES for a title like this, see how UO operated pre-Renaissance. I am very excited to see that you are implementing a criminal and rep system a la UO. Of course, others will disagree. Let them. Do what YOU think is right! If you build it, they will come!

A criminal system doesn't discourage PvP, it regulates it. There is nothing worse, nothing that will negate any sort of depth of design in a game faster than a free-for-all, kill whomever you want "pvp system". The moment your game uses that model it devolves into a simple PvP game, when a thousand other games do it better. A criminal system introduces the concepts of risk and reward and social justice. It does not discourage PvP because if that is all you are interested in I guarantee there will be several avenues for like-minded Albion Gold Mall people to PvP until their hearts are content without having to deal with the criminal system. I'm talking about guild/faction wars, tournaments, etc. If you want to kill helpless gatherers on top of that, well, do it at your own risk.

I think wipe will be good, but not now. First they need to repair some things in game. First problem is rankings. I can only guess who invented fame system. Gather T6 hide, you'll earn something about 300 fame for one. Gather T6.6 hide, take billions of fame for it. Second thing is kill value from talismans. 100k each? Really? I think the new DB I still too grindy. Also, that boost was sooo bad in my opinion. There is a lot of things to do with this game, but I believe in devs :D When they remove basic problems, then wipe will be good.

I appreciate the feedback and update. I stand by whatever you the Cheap Albion Online Gold developers decide to do as it is your vision, and your data to collect. I will say I have troubles getting myself to jump on and play atm due to the beta mechanics, but I have provided all the feedback I can with how much I can stand the game atm. I look forward to future balancing, mechanic re-works, content patches, or anything else you guys put forth and I keep my fingers cross that you make the game as good as its potential is! Thanks for working diligently! We appreciate it.

I think you are being very narrow sighted with how people are approaching the reasons for a wipe. I could give a sheet less about my weapon choice, I chose daggers, I like daggers, I'd re-level daggers. Do I care about my LP loss? nope I don't. Do I care that the new patch changed core mechanics and I want to have the chance to test those core mechanics from a wiped version so we can feedback how thingsAlbion Online Silver work during the most important part of a game like this? (AKA first week) Yup. Do I care that my weapon sucks in group pvp? nope. Waiting on balances, wipe won't fix it and I could careless. The fact that I jumped from 5.2 to 6.2 with 1/10th the work someone else will have to put forth, isn't testing the game its breaking the beta curve. It's actually forcing away from testing the progression curve and skewing data as far as time in vs. time out. It misrepresents game data. Its a beta. We are testing the game. That is being misrepresented. AKA we aren't testing the game properly. Logic is hard. I know.
Just a suggestion, but the repair option is kinda broken. Those who want to play a crafter will find it a limited option when ppl buy one tool (or whatever) and never return for more. I find it that grinding tools is a pain since i need to craft a lot of tools in order to progress, and while i can recycle the items for a small amount, say i wanted to actually make a profit by selling them. Not only competition is high (remember, in this game, you can do it all by yourself) the fact that ppl only need to buy just one 'cause they can repair it makes the toolmaker/crafter a bit pointless. Again, only a Cheap Albion Online Gold suggestion. Give a limited amount of life to any tool/weapon, say, only 2 repairs (or whatever) and then force them to buy new ones, or something like that.

Well, they're extending the repair feature to be repair-all soon, so I wouldn't put too much hope on that happening. On a side note, player-crafted repair kits would be pretty cool. Seen it mentioned in a few topics before, and while it wouldn't really solve the problem you're addressing, it would at least add some more player emphasis to the repair situation.
I'm probably going to sound a bit like I'm trying to be an authority on socialism in this post, and while all this is quite semantic, I kind of feel like it's my duty to clear some things up. I've spent way too much time hanging out on anarchist, socialist and communist forums and I can only say that how you are using the Albion Online Silver and communism doesn't really jive with what socialists and communists themselves believe.

It's widely held by these groups that to be a communist, first you have to be a socialist, and that for almost all socialists, communism is actually the long-term goal.

Socialism requires the expropriation of productive forces from private property holders so that the inequalities and injustices created of the institution of private property can be abolished, establishing a system where people are rewarded for work more than ownership (e.g. investors), and the subsequent equality creates a much healthier climate for democracy, wherein money cannot corrupt it so much.

Communism goes even further, requiring socialism, but also the total abolition of commodities themselves, which implies the abolition of the market, and hence money by Cheap Albion Online Gold , which then implies the necessity of some sort of gift economy for goods and services distribution. Further still, it requires the abolition of the state itself, which (hopefully) would lead to the emergence of smaller, local, sustainable and democratic groups, with great internal strength, but only loose economic relationships with other such groups. These small groups would have been called communes, hence communism, I guess.