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First, the main thing I want is to sort by current class and base stat (ie. I want to see all gear my current class will probably be interested in using).

Second, a "best gear set" toggle could make FFXIV Gil a list of everything on my person and in retainers to give my current class BiS I currently own (would be nice but not as useful as better sorting).

Third, get away from the icon inventories. Give me a list with columns. I can click on columns to add sorting, click multiple columns to sort multiple values (shift-click to add secondary sorting) ie. first sort = class, second sort = iLevel, third sort = stat so all class items would be together. Then, for each class, everything is sorted by level and then by main stat. Or, add a settings window that would allow me to add cascading ascending/descending conditions.

The command line sorting is black magic; it's ridiculous. Hell, just add sorting by class and main stat and I'd probably be happy tbh...

We're not going to get command line sorting or any kind of serious list sorting so this is the best we could hope for.

Agreed, though. On the market boards, I can sort by "ID, quantity, etc" including a bazillion stats there's no reason to sort by. Let's nuke that fairly useless function and add in the ability to sort our personal inventories by UFFXIV item level or class, not just ID or item type. Same thing with the retainer inventories. Manually sorting my closet retainer by equipable item level is a PAIN IN THE BUTT.
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