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well, if the fight is intensive, i would use LA at around ~70% mp first time, maybe 60% being lowest, it coupled with AoE buff or anything else, then use CU to extend refresh with 5 more Cheap FFXIV Gil seconds and extend buff on people for 5 more seconds.. after that for 2 minutes of it's cooldown not much you can do than if you really need mp, to hope for ewer.

balance/arrow for spread, very rarely ewer. for ex roulette dungeons sometimes bole, whatever best comes up while dealing with trash and waiting for boss.

not much to say about DPS. Combust 2 + combust 1, and then just spam Malefic 2.
At lvl 50 you can use aero1(200p) since it's potency is higher than FFXIV Malefic1(150). At 60 i still have aero but use it mostly only when there is some movement.

other than that, for quick burst dps, it's just spamming malefic2 and that's it(if need to kill adds quickly that dont have that much hp to take advantage of DoT's).

I tend to pop LA early when I am at 70%. You can pop it at 80 when you know you'll be doing a lot of casting to prevent any MP loss. Something to watch out for: If your LA is ready and your card draw is about 10 seconds away, wait before popping it. You might draw an Ewer for yourself (that would benifit from Celestial Opposition) or a Spear that would cut the cooldown. If you are really MP starved it is best to be selifsh with your cards. DPS cares only for Arrow/Balance anyways. Also, while Lightspeed is a neat "oh shit" button at times, I started using it as mana maintenance button. If you know there is a cast heavy section ahead use it and enjoy your value heals. Again, watch you draw, a Spear'd Lightspeed is even more value in the long run!

Damage wise Combust 2,Combust 1,Aeor,MaleficII untill Combust 1 and A run out,C1,Aero,MaleficII,Combust2. If you manage to keep that up your DPS should be fine. Going simply by potency AST dots tick for 110 while BioI/II,Miasma and Shadowflare tick for 120. Meanwhile Broil goes for 170 and MaleficII for 200 while Broil has the exact same mana cost as MaleficII. Granted there are more than enough tradeoffs, not to mention FFXIV AST don't have Bane/Energy Drain or a pet, but in the singel target DPS department FFXIV Gil AST kinda does okay.

Regarding the Spread: Usually Balance. Arrow works as well. If you are really unlucky with your draws, settel for a Spear.
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