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Having to funnel raid/endgame drops into one job and then being locked to play only 1 job for 3-5 months because your second best job has equipment -20 item levels behind your main job is no fun and gets boring pretty fast. You can't do raids on anything but main without getting FFXIV Gil carried by other party members picking up the slack.

The solution to this would be being allowed to:
1) loot gear drops from raids separately on each job
2) accrue top tier currency (at the moemnt Esoterics) points separately on each job and buy gear for that job with separate points

For casuals currently having time/skill to play 1 job at best the change wouldn't make any difference. For people wanting 'more', they could experience different play styles and break monotony of 'having to heal through the same boss for 5 months until you puke'.

This way you could play to gear up Warrior if you're not interested in any other job, or Warrior and Dragoon if you enjoy tanking and jumping equally.

Current situation is even more terrible because current itemization is so dull.
In FFXIV you could gear up your Corsair to: melee, ranged attacks, healing - and powerful roll buffs on top of that. Red mage could: heal, tank, melee, nuke, buff, CC... Dark Mage could DD, tank, CC... Pretty much all jobs could succesfully fulfil two or three roles at minimum.

In other games you can switch between specs pretty much on the fly (Rougue in Rift can be awesome DD, healer and tank using THE SAME gear by just pressing one macro and changing Buy FFXIV Gil skill bar abilities; in Guild Wars 2 you can respec as you wish too; same with Elder Scrolls Online; the list goes on)
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