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Maat. brought to us in Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Job specific 1v1 fight that makes you use your job correctly to defeat him. People learn their jobs, win.

Forget it! not a dps fix. A horrible player fix. cant get past maat? sorry bro. git gud

Also needs to be mandatory for all jobs. unlike ffxiv

Healer maat = npc you have to keep alive against maat for a certain amount of time
Tank. = keep maats hate while you also have to pop cooldowns at proper times to avoid certain death
DPS= beat the tar out of him. not enough dps.. not a win.

edit: you cant do final dungeons/raids until defeated. no over gearing.

They nerfed steps of faith so people didn't have to learn how to play the game. So the chances of them doing this is unlikely. Sorry bro, the carebears are taking over and nerfing our game into the ground. It's sad to see honestly. I really enjoyed 2.0 but was really disappointed in 2.55 when the devs started swinging the nerfbat like a 12 year old at a pinata convention. I was hoping 3.0 was going to kind of reset things but nope, they still swinging the hell outta that nerfbat. I have a feeling I'm just going to start transitioning to playing other games with my time. Cheap FFXIV Gil is starting to become pointless and boring with no real challenges in sight except alex savage IF you can put up with a static.
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