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One must wonder, what's your motivation to want the introduction of S-nebs? I haven't met a single person who thinks power creep actually needs to be exacerbated. You mentioned that releasing S-nebs will decrease the price of other nebs and thus benefit poorer players, but there's two reasons this thinking is flawed.

1) The vast majority of A-rank nebs in the market throughout history were created by dupers, considering that they're fairly difficult to obtain by legitimate means. A 4% All Stat neb has generally sold for $20-30 each over the years with high volume, so duping nebs represents significant appeal to hackers. If S-rank nebs are released, dupers will stop duping A-rank nebs, thereby increasing their price through decreased supply.

2) Even if the price of A-rank nebs drops to become easily affordable, then it no longer becomes an achievement to own one. Rather, it becomes an expectation, where you're average if you have one and under-par if you don't. Power in this game is relative to the average standard and not an absolute number; Nexon periodically raises the "difficulty" of the game by increasing boss HP and the buy MapleStory Mesos damage cap to reflect the changing times.

The vast majority of anything valueable in maples history were duped. Nebs weren't the only target. You think they aren't duping prime scrolls and AEEs as we speak? Dupers will dupe anything, even something as cheap as CSS. That's what they do, if you're duping has no limits then it generally doesn't matter what items it is, both would yield the same end game profit. Also if they stopped duping A nebs yes their supply would decreased but so will their demand which means good news to the poorer players like you and me.
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