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As you may have noticed; in this current build, we have to unlock basic weapons by earning xp with the core weapon first. This leads to having a 80k+ fame grind with a weapon you actually dont want to use. Also (for some reason that is beyond my understanding), some weapons give  Albion Online Silver fame for a total different class (bow --> dagger, quarterstaff, bow. etc.)

In my humble opinion, this is a flawed system, stupid i might say, and i want it to change! I really do .I'd be happy if they removed the tiers and levels, and just set a mastery percent on all weapons that scales against fame in a dimishing-return fashion. The more you use something, the better you get, and you get the basics quick but mastery takes alot of time.

I said it before ill say it again. What they should do is allow every weapon to be available from the start, no restrictions. As you use the weapon you want you unlock more style or variations of the weapon (a good example is the bow. Start with a bow -> longbow -> warbow -> crossbow ect ect.) These different unlocks will have different abilities but also as you use the weapon "category" they unlock new passives such as lets say for bow the more you use ANY of them they ALL get a passive to leave a bleed effect on the target from piercing damage lets say. Each weapon has it own unique flavor and a few styles with their own special per weapon.

If we are going to leave it where each weapon has 3 abilities then 2 of the three can be shared amongst the group and the third would be a few abilities Cheap Albion Online Gold specific to that variation of the weapon (once again with the bow war bow = stun, crossbow = snipe ect ect.)

The big thing here though is that each unlock to a variant of the weapon won't be a buff where you HAVE to go bow to longbow ect, keep it like it is now where you can still level each weapon and keep them all on a level playing field just with more options to choose from.
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