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I never said I was going to stay in pvp zone. I could always go to green so and gathering with new people as well. And I know my guildies are people as well XD! Its just I know a lot of them will be busy gathering stuff etc. But they all get a head start of me so they will be doing their own thing I belive. Or trying to get the guild stuff built or making houses etc. I dont know the plans so yeah. I just wanted to play with Cheap Albion Online Goldsome people outside of guild as well is all. I know your all worried and if that is the case fine I will just stay in the green zone with the people I wanted to farm with even though I know we wont get much mats because everyone will want to be in the green zone to be safe so less mats.

For me its definitely League of Legends. Don't get me wrong, DotA is a great game. In fact, i've played dota since like 5.64b version, probably have played over 5k games in total, including more challenging games in in-house league back then like IHCS. Made the switch when League of Legends is out.. could never get back in Dota 2 when it came out for some reason. it feels....slow. Like in LoL, a mistep into a bush with an assasin can get you killed within 2 seconds. I really dont think LoL has a lesser skillcap than Dota, its just different skillset. Yes there is no denies, but laning has high pressure, skills are kinda spammed more often than in Albion Online Silver Dota and you can dodge skillshots more, while at the same time paying attention for jungle ganks.

Atm testing Heroes of the Storm alpha. So far its been fun ^_^, after all, you can mount! LoL! Action are fast and furious, but its more about objective control than laning phase compared to LoL and Dota. First impression..this is the MOBA that all casual easily start out with ..
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