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A Broadsword made with stone = bad, A Spear made with a wood pole and a sharpened stone = good!Makes much more sense! (With the proper skill of course :thumbup: Maybe have a "Survival" skill that allows you do basic things like

Make wood/stone spears
Camp fires (faster log out when camp is secured, can also be used for cooking)
Forage for basic food (if and when this is implemented)
Traps for capturing critters (small animals for food)
Making fishing poles
Rope to tie up opposing players instead of killing them *shrugs*

If not one of the most difficult skills in the game. While we're at it, why not add some reagents/resources that are needed in order to cast those spells. It would make Albion Online Silver magic a lot more interesting and more Sandboxy.

My one wish list for future expansions is sea combat with objectives at sea worth taking. Like pirate bases or sea creature that drop awesome stuff. Craft able, Buildable, Stealable boats. Make water travel super fast so people utilize it to move large quantities of goods. Add navigable rivers throughout the map which would make holding those inland sea ports very valuable with the ability to set a tax on all goods imported and exported. Create this whole dynamic water trading economy.

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