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Personally I don't mind the current PVP system. Only gripe i really have against it that flagging takes so long. It would be cool if they lowered it by about 10 to 15%. I think most complaining about the PVP system were just gatherers that don't know how to play likes this. I am disappointed they are thinking about going to a UO style criminal system. All that system does is discourage PVP even more. Also Albion Online Silver
people PKing gatherer's gave PVP a role in the economy. With a harsher criminal system it almost completely negates this.

I just bought a Founder's Pack to check out this amazing game and also to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing, however long it takes. Listen to the community, but keep YOUR vision! Too many games go sideways because devs try to implement changes to keep the masses happy. Remember the reasons why you started making this game and stick to your goals! If you need a template that will work and draw in vet gamers like me who have waited DECADES for a title like this, see how UO operated pre-Renaissance. I am very excited to see that you are implementing a criminal and rep system a la UO. Of course, others will disagree. Let them. Do what YOU think is right! If you build it, they will come!

A criminal system doesn't discourage PvP, it regulates it. There is nothing worse, nothing that will negate any sort of depth of design in a game faster than a free-for-all, kill whomever you want "pvp system". The moment your game uses that model it devolves into a simple PvP game, when a thousand other games do it better. A criminal system introduces the concepts of risk and reward and social justice. It does not discourage PvP because if that is all you are interested in I guarantee there will be several avenues for like-minded Albion Gold Mall people to PvP until their hearts are content without having to deal with the criminal system. I'm talking about guild/faction wars, tournaments, etc. If you want to kill helpless gatherers on top of that, well, do it at your own risk.

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