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I think wipe will be good, but not now. First they need to repair some things in game. First problem is rankings. I can only guess who invented fame system. Gather T6 hide, you'll earn something about 300 fame for one. Gather T6.6 hide, take billions of fame for it. Second thing is kill value from talismans. 100k each? Really? I think the new DB I still too grindy. Also, that boost was sooo bad in my opinion. There is a lot of things to do with this game, but I believe in devs :D When they remove basic problems, then wipe will be good.

I appreciate the feedback and update. I stand by whatever you the Cheap Albion Online Gold developers decide to do as it is your vision, and your data to collect. I will say I have troubles getting myself to jump on and play atm due to the beta mechanics, but I have provided all the feedback I can with how much I can stand the game atm. I look forward to future balancing, mechanic re-works, content patches, or anything else you guys put forth and I keep my fingers cross that you make the game as good as its potential is! Thanks for working diligently! We appreciate it.

I think you are being very narrow sighted with how people are approaching the reasons for a wipe. I could give a sheet less about my weapon choice, I chose daggers, I like daggers, I'd re-level daggers. Do I care about my LP loss? nope I don't. Do I care that the new patch changed core mechanics and I want to have the chance to test those core mechanics from a wiped version so we can feedback how thingsAlbion Online Silver work during the most important part of a game like this? (AKA first week) Yup. Do I care that my weapon sucks in group pvp? nope. Waiting on balances, wipe won't fix it and I could careless. The fact that I jumped from 5.2 to 6.2 with 1/10th the work someone else will have to put forth, isn't testing the game its breaking the beta curve. It's actually forcing away from testing the progression curve and skewing data as far as time in vs. time out. It misrepresents game data. Its a beta. We are testing the game. That is being misrepresented. AKA we aren't testing the game properly. Logic is hard. I know.
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