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Just a suggestion, but the repair option is kinda broken. Those who want to play a crafter will find it a limited option when ppl buy one tool (or whatever) and never return for more. I find it that grinding tools is a pain since i need to craft a lot of tools in order to progress, and while i can recycle the items for a small amount, say i wanted to actually make a profit by selling them. Not only competition is high (remember, in this game, you can do it all by yourself) the fact that ppl only need to buy just one 'cause they can repair it makes the toolmaker/crafter a bit pointless. Again, only a Cheap Albion Online Gold suggestion. Give a limited amount of life to any tool/weapon, say, only 2 repairs (or whatever) and then force them to buy new ones, or something like that.

Well, they're extending the repair feature to be repair-all soon, so I wouldn't put too much hope on that happening. On a side note, player-crafted repair kits would be pretty cool. Seen it mentioned in a few topics before, and while it wouldn't really solve the problem you're addressing, it would at least add some more player emphasis to the repair situation.
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