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I'm probably going to sound a bit like I'm trying to be an authority on socialism in this post, and while all this is quite semantic, I kind of feel like it's my duty to clear some things up. I've spent way too much time hanging out on anarchist, socialist and communist forums and I can only say that how you are using the Albion Online Silver and communism doesn't really jive with what socialists and communists themselves believe.

It's widely held by these groups that to be a communist, first you have to be a socialist, and that for almost all socialists, communism is actually the long-term goal.

Socialism requires the expropriation of productive forces from private property holders so that the inequalities and injustices created of the institution of private property can be abolished, establishing a system where people are rewarded for work more than ownership (e.g. investors), and the subsequent equality creates a much healthier climate for democracy, wherein money cannot corrupt it so much.

Communism goes even further, requiring socialism, but also the total abolition of commodities themselves, which implies the abolition of the market, and hence money by Cheap Albion Online Gold , which then implies the necessity of some sort of gift economy for goods and services distribution. Further still, it requires the abolition of the state itself, which (hopefully) would lead to the emergence of smaller, local, sustainable and democratic groups, with great internal strength, but only loose economic relationships with other such groups. These small groups would have been called communes, hence communism, I guess.
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