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Almost all the gathers that I know ran high teir laborers. I don't think they want to gather much anymore.

Basically just to recap the gather Albion Online Silver . Gathers who gathered before Dec 16th spent 5x more time gathering only to get to a place where they were almost tied by people who gathered 1/4 of that after patches boost. Leading alot of gathers to stop gathering. Because so many people used to roaming around pve getting 250K fame or so an hour on mobs with full xp post Dec 16th patch got made because for them the gains were about 4X slower. Many of those type weapon / armor fame farmers changed to gathering.

As the new breed of gather slowly got bored and more people left the game the gathers went back to doing what they did many of which finally learned what they were missing out not filling up books. They started gathering even more just to fill the books.

Now with the changes not many people will gather the buy Albion Online Gold
. The risk doing it versus time and reward are silly. IMO now that you can get fame for up to T6 on T4 mobs the new thing to make money will be solo'n green t4 dung and buying up all the mats T4-7 mats before they super sky rocket. Since the mobs are stupid easy and will be totally full on gold. It might be harder to do this for the next few day - week. But it usually only takes about 3-5 days before the massive group of people that only play after patches to lose interest and the server population to drop back down to the norm.
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