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As a new Guild we are heavily focused on recruiting active and dedicated members of all trades. Fighters, Builders, Farmers, Crafters, Gatherers and Refiners.
If you are active and looking for a productive and strategically focused guild that works with you instead of you working for it, we hope you will call RudeHouse your new family. Now is the best time to apply.
My introduction to the MMO world began when a bunch of middle-school friends introduced me to RuneScape in 2005. It wasn't until I discovered the clanning community byCheap Albion Online Gold that I really got into the game and came to appreciate the vast communities within MMOs. Being new to the game, my first few years of clanning was focused on PvE activities to help me get better and simply learn the game. As I matured as a gamer and teenager, I eventually found PvE alone to be lacking and grew estranged from the only clan I had known; the leadership and member base resembling nothing of the original clan I joined. Deciding to shift focus towards PvP instead, I discovered an entirely new, competitive clanning world. Over the next few years, my allegiance lay with various clans, as some died and I grew apart from others, but I finally found my home in 2009 when I joined Echo of Silence. We were a clan on the rise, fighting other clans 3 versus 1, no problem. Our leadership was tactically brilliant, ruthless in the face of enemies, dedicated to our cause and they knew how to make war fun. Flash forward to today, and I am still proud to call Echo of Silence my home. We hit ups and downs along the road, experiencing everything from the glory of being the #1 clan with 130 active members to the lows of closing (and reopening, only to again close) the RuneScape clan's doors. Through it all, one thing became obvious: Echo of Silence was NOT simply a RuneScape clan. We transcended the boundaries of the Albion Online Silver and of our native countries, unifying as brothers across the world to form the core base of a true gaming community. While we still play dozens of games when we feel the itch, Echo of Silence has now moved on to eagerly join the plethora of competitive guilds vying for power in Albion Online. Will you join the 10 years and counting legacy that is Echo of Silence?"
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