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Fame for healers is pretty bad. 0 capability of solo farming as a healer and because the fame is equally split between your party it is going to take 2x or 3x longer than a dps character. I want to play healer but I can't see myself being in a party everyday I am online wanting to farm. Especially since I would need to put in twice or three times the hours that dps characters that can solo mobs will do.
Possible fix would be to give equal fame to someone using a healing staff of buy Albion Online Gold
, for example a solo player gets 100 fame per T6 mob in red zones currently (premium bonus included) and now a player using a holy staff or nature staff joins him and they both receive 100 fame per mob instead of 50 like they would if it was 2 dps characters. And if another third member joins then give each player 50 instead of 100.
This is the only way I can see healers reaching anywhere near T8.6 with the new fame system. Also the gathering/crafting/refining progress needs slowed too if you plan on making this work. Currently I can get up to T6 tool for any resource within 3-6 hours of gathering.
Another thing that would need slowed is the respawn rate of resources. If you truly want a player driven economy for 8 tiers of resources, weapons, armour and so on. I can see prices for resources being nothing by the time people reach higher tier gear late into release. Basically if you are going to slow the combat progression this much then you need to slow the rest of the game equally as much and find a good balance otherwise the market will be bad and people will quit early on.
My arguement isn't that it shouldn't take time to reach top tier, it's how long. The longer it takes to go down one tier, the more those who have infinite time will create power gaps by Albion Online Silver . It rewards those who have more time not those that are simply better. Its an anti-skill incentive system. Keep in mind that leveling up .1 .2 and .3 will increase the power level of whichever line you choose for weapons. Meaning they can continue to pull further and further ahead of normal persons. There will be 4 guilds owning every territory in the game. Killing the guild experience.
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