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1.) Battle Leve: Temple leve currently give you Final Fantasy XIV Gil amber as a DoW/DoM, this amber is effectively useless as you get NQ items with it. For DoW/DoM can we add items like favour materials? Like 5 amber for 1 item. 50 amber for 10. This would allow DoW/DoM to contribute to the materials needed for their own crafted gear.

2.) Gathering temple leve. Currently they give you crystals. The exp reward is worse then doing 3 single leve, as is the gil reward. You will save about 10 minute and lose out on 7 leve. This can be made better by adding rewards such as red scrips or favour materials (ooid, etc.)

3.) Crafting temple leve now reward base materials, the problem is you get (example) 8 adamantite ore from a single leve, and only 40 from a temple leve that requires 10x the leve. I request to increase the reward for the temple leve to maybe be the crystals as well as the materials. This will help compensate for the missed exp for doing a temple leve instead of 10 single leve.

Also, some temple leve require master book 3 to complete. Leve are typically done to level a crafting class. As this leve becomes available at lvl 58, this seems contradictory as the master recipes are level 60. I would request adding red Cheap FFXIV Gil scrips to the rewards for temple leve requiring master books. Or favour materials or amber (and adjust amber rewards as above).

Please and thank you!
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