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Not sure what type of magical WHM you are playing with but whilst Final Fantasy XIV Gil WHM has some decent 'burst' its sustained DPS is very very poor in comparison to SCH. SCH DPS is far, far, far superior to FFXIV WHM DPS as WHM DPS is very cluncky and always has a chance to miss. SCH mana regeneration is far superior to WHM as well with energy drain and aertherflow.

I'd argue that SCH should only being Indomitability as a last resort (desperation type heal)?

Adlo is much more mana intensive but I guess it just means you'll have to rely on other things like physick+embrace combo

The only thing that has changed is your Pie and crit rating.
Adlo is just the same skill as on level 50 in terms of mana-efficiency/potency, and you did not start level 50 with 30% crit and 5k mana.
imo it's very comparable. The favor shifted to FFXIV SCH over the curse of ARR and that's simply because of gear.

Sorry this sounds like FFXIV SCH 101, but Adlo should not be your go-to healing spell anyway, and it sounds like you are kind of overusing AND "relying" on crits, correct me if I'm wrong.

Adloquim crits have been RNG based, and when they did you could make the best out of the big shield, add damage, heal someone else, what ever,
but saying "Scholar has always been a RNG class" =

The current nerf to the fairy (on which they said is for the far future when gear inflates *facepalm*) is annoying and should just be undone and redone when Buy FFXIV Gil the gear has actually inflated....