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One must wonder, what's your motivation to want the introduction of S-nebs? I haven't met a single person who thinks power creep actually needs to be exacerbated. You mentioned that releasing S-nebs will decrease the price of other nebs and thus benefit poorer players, but there's two reasons this thinking is flawed.

1) The vast majority of A-rank nebs in the market throughout history were created by dupers, considering that they're fairly difficult to obtain by legitimate means. A 4% All Stat neb has generally sold for $20-30 each over the years with high volume, so duping nebs represents significant appeal to hackers. If S-rank nebs are released, dupers will stop duping A-rank nebs, thereby increasing their price through decreased supply.

2) Even if the price of A-rank nebs drops to become easily affordable, then it no longer becomes an achievement to own one. Rather, it becomes an expectation, where you're average if you have one and under-par if you don't. Power in this game is relative to the average standard and not an absolute number; Nexon periodically raises the "difficulty" of the game by increasing boss HP and the buy MapleStory Mesos damage cap to reflect the changing times.

The vast majority of anything valueable in maples history were duped. Nebs weren't the only target. You think they aren't duping prime scrolls and AEEs as we speak? Dupers will dupe anything, even something as cheap as CSS. That's what they do, if you're duping has no limits then it generally doesn't matter what items it is, both would yield the same end game profit. Also if they stopped duping A nebs yes their supply would decreased but so will their demand which means good news to the poorer players like you and me.
As you may have noticed; in this current build, we have to unlock basic weapons by earning xp with the core weapon first. This leads to having a 80k+ fame grind with a weapon you actually dont want to use. Also (for some reason that is beyond my understanding), some weapons give  Albion Online Silver fame for a total different class (bow --> dagger, quarterstaff, bow. etc.)

In my humble opinion, this is a flawed system, stupid i might say, and i want it to change! I really do .I'd be happy if they removed the tiers and levels, and just set a mastery percent on all weapons that scales against fame in a dimishing-return fashion. The more you use something, the better you get, and you get the basics quick but mastery takes alot of time.

I said it before ill say it again. What they should do is allow every weapon to be available from the start, no restrictions. As you use the weapon you want you unlock more style or variations of the weapon (a good example is the bow. Start with a bow -> longbow -> warbow -> crossbow ect ect.) These different unlocks will have different abilities but also as you use the weapon "category" they unlock new passives such as lets say for bow the more you use ANY of them they ALL get a passive to leave a bleed effect on the target from piercing damage lets say. Each weapon has it own unique flavor and a few styles with their own special per weapon.

If we are going to leave it where each weapon has 3 abilities then 2 of the three can be shared amongst the group and the third would be a few abilities Cheap Albion Online Gold specific to that variation of the weapon (once again with the bow war bow = stun, crossbow = snipe ect ect.)

The big thing here though is that each unlock to a variant of the weapon won't be a buff where you HAVE to go bow to longbow ect, keep it like it is now where you can still level each weapon and keep them all on a level playing field just with more options to choose from.
I never said I was going to stay in pvp zone. I could always go to green so and gathering with new people as well. And I know my guildies are people as well XD! Its just I know a lot of them will be busy gathering stuff etc. But they all get a head start of me so they will be doing their own thing I belive. Or trying to get the guild stuff built or making houses etc. I dont know the plans so yeah. I just wanted to play with Cheap Albion Online Goldsome people outside of guild as well is all. I know your all worried and if that is the case fine I will just stay in the green zone with the people I wanted to farm with even though I know we wont get much mats because everyone will want to be in the green zone to be safe so less mats.

For me its definitely League of Legends. Don't get me wrong, DotA is a great game. In fact, i've played dota since like 5.64b version, probably have played over 5k games in total, including more challenging games in in-house league back then like IHCS. Made the switch when League of Legends is out.. could never get back in Dota 2 when it came out for some reason. it feels....slow. Like in LoL, a mistep into a bush with an assasin can get you killed within 2 seconds. I really dont think LoL has a lesser skillcap than Dota, its just different skillset. Yes there is no denies, but laning has high pressure, skills are kinda spammed more often than in Albion Online Silver Dota and you can dodge skillshots more, while at the same time paying attention for jungle ganks.

Atm testing Heroes of the Storm alpha. So far its been fun ^_^, after all, you can mount! LoL! Action are fast and furious, but its more about objective control than laning phase compared to LoL and Dota. First impression..this is the MOBA that all casual easily start out with ..
Korn this is also directed to you, and I apologize for blowing up the thread but I've been containing this in hoping you guys would address this.

One of the most ENJOYABLE things for most casual players, is re-rolling an alt. Enjoying the game from a different perspective and granting them another Albion Online Silver choice as far as playstyle goes. This system completely rear-ends anyone who would enjoy playing a second alt. As it would take significant dedication to make two characters hit final tier. It would also disway players from specializing in two weapons. Here are some factors you may want to take into consideration.

Hardcore players alone will not fill your bill. You will not make enough income as a developing team from a smaller population known as hardcore players. Removing the ability for players to have a second choice or third choice or second character or third character that can be relevant in the game will burn out the majority of your casuals that would play the game long term. Removing your income and playerbase at the same time.

The mobs in this game have got to be the most boring and unrewarding mobs I have ever killed in an rpg ever. Like... ever. This opinion will not and Albion Gold Mall cannot be mine alone. Casuals will hate grinding that long on something so boring. You will lose your playerbase if the grind is long.

A Broadsword made with stone = bad, A Spear made with a wood pole and a sharpened stone = good!Makes much more sense! (With the proper skill of course :thumbup: Maybe have a "Survival" skill that allows you do basic things like

Make wood/stone spears
Camp fires (faster log out when camp is secured, can also be used for cooking)
Forage for basic food (if and when this is implemented)
Traps for capturing critters (small animals for food)
Making fishing poles
Rope to tie up opposing players instead of killing them *shrugs*

If not one of the most difficult skills in the game. While we're at it, why not add some reagents/resources that are needed in order to cast those spells. It would make Albion Online Silver magic a lot more interesting and more Sandboxy.

My one wish list for future expansions is sea combat with objectives at sea worth taking. Like pirate bases or sea creature that drop awesome stuff. Craft able, Buildable, Stealable boats. Make water travel super fast so people utilize it to move large quantities of goods. Add navigable rivers throughout the map which would make holding those inland sea ports very valuable with the ability to set a tax on all goods imported and exported. Create this whole dynamic water trading economy.